The Call of the Oak at Bikeathon Ţara Făgărașului 2021

On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September the Bikeathon Țara Făgărașului 2021 took place. This event is organized annually by Țara Făgărașului Community Foundation with a lot of passion, professionalism and responsibility. The competition combines the joy of cycling and being in nature with the philanthropic desire to support community initiatives. Our competition project ‘The Call of the Oak’ brought together cyclists, supporters and friends who wished to support us in planting oaks on the pastures around Cobor village.

During the weekend we enjoyed nature, bikes and a generous community gathered around nine projects intended to bring a better life to the Făgăraș area, at Bikeathon Țara Făgărașului 2021. Cyclists of all ages, as well as participants in wheelchairs or handbikes signed up to race for good causes and cycled for the projects registered on the fundraising platform implemented by Ţara Făgărașului Community Foundation.

Cobor Biodiversity Farm and Foundation Conservation Carpathia proposed the Call of the Oak project for this race for a good cause. Throughout this project we intend to plant, together with our supporters and the local community, over 200 oak saplings on the pastures around Cobor village. We will monitor the areas planted for three years to ensure the success of our work and the future of these pastures together with the well-being of the people who live in Cobor. Over 30 cyclists cycled for our cause, The Call of the Oak, and supported us and helped us continue to plant oaks on the Cobor pastures.

The pastures scattered with secular oak trees around the village of Cobor are among the most valuable natural pastures left in Europe. Due to the abandonment of hayfields and the loss of traditional agriculture, these pastures began to lose their oaks and with them, the natural wealth here.

Those who could not cycle for the oaks at Bikeathon Ţara Făgărașului, but want to contribute to the planting of oaks, can do so until the end of September, on the page

The Cobor Biodiversity Farm is a perfect combination of pastures with high natural value, biodiversity conservation, organic agriculture, an ideal destination for ecotourism, a wonderful place for horses and traditional cattle grazing methods. The farm is a successful green business model, which aims to develop the local community, in a perfect balance with nature.

We were glad to join this beautiful community gathered around Bikeathon Ţara Făgărașului, an event about an active community, which brings together people and organizations motivated to act for good changes at local and regional level.

Congratulations to the cyclists, the supporters and the ambassadors of this year’s causes! Congratulations to the organizers, Făgăraș Community Foundation, for all the initiatives and all the efforts made to create a stronger community!