Summer, children and gifts

Surprises for the children of Cobor

Not much has changed at Cobor, in the context in which we all live. The spaces are much wider, the people in the village are few, and neither the agricultural practices nor the animals know about the pandemic. It was much harder mainly for the children in the village, because the kindergarten and schools were no longer accessible to them. And, of course, to begin with you all enjoy the unexpected freedom, because you don’t have so much homework, but, with the prolongation of the situation, the universe you know and that routine of learning, of interaction with friends, no matter how small, leads to longing!

Summer started nicely with Children’s Day and was blessed with the Pentecost holiday. And… with a surprise for the 12 kindergarten students, 12 students from the primary school and for the 10 young students from the high school.

Inspired by the campaigns that the Foundation Conservation Carpathia (the owner of the Cobor Biodiversity Farm) have carried out in recent months for the Elders in the Făgăraș Mountains and for the students without access to online courses, a few employees from a multinational company in Ghimbav, Brașov have chosen to prepare a surprise, from their own personal budget, for the children of Cobor. Each child from the list of 34 received a gift, on Pentecost Sunday, from a cheerful procession that went from door to door, kindly directed by Mrs. Zitta, the kindergarten educator and Mrs. Viorica, the teacher. The opportunities are reduced for the children in the village, and the need for school supplies, books, games, backpacks or clothes is a permanent one.

The three representatives of the company, who came with their own little ones, enjoyed the experience, the village and farm tour, the access to small and large animals from the households, the local products tasted and the shy smiles of joy from the children from Cobor.
It was a day filled with a lot of green and a lot of soul! Thank you for your involvement!

Have a nice summer!