Open Day at Cobor Biodiversity Farm

We invite to the Transylvanian Grey cattle home

Come and live a unique autumn experience at home at Transylvanian Grey cattle, in an authentic Transylvanian village. You will visit the Cobor village, the Biodiversity Farm, the horse boarding house, the Carpathian Shepherd Dog kennel. You will enjoy the taste of the Transylvanian Grey cattle goulash in a special event.

The Transylvanian Grey cattle, once the autochthonous breed of Transylvania, is now almost extinct in Romania. These animals were one of the most sought 3-purpose cow (pulling, meat and milk) in Central Europe between the 13-18th centuries, especially as they were immune to many of the dangerous cattle diseases. The stock at the Cobor Farm serves conservation purposes as well as a contribution to the traditional gene bank.

Programme of the day:

10:00 – 11:30 – Cobor village tour

12:00 – Tour of the farm, stop at the horse boarding house and the Carpathian Shepherd Dog kennel ‘s

14:00 – 16:00 – Lunch- tasting the Transylvanian Grey cattle goulash, presentation of the characteristics and benefits of this meat, and a traditional dessert.

Participation in the event requires prior booking which can be made by filling in the following form:…/1EX7IqzIV8h4SrXIN7pkFlim…/edit

Your reservation is confirmed after the payment of the price of 50 lei/person* to the following account CARPATHIA Agro&Finance SRL, account number RO17RNCB0061143450260003, opened at BCR, adding to the payment details the text ” Transylvanian Grey cattle event”.

*The event is free for children under 10 years old, accompanied by parents.

For more details and information you can contact us at: 0770 963 238.

We are waiting for you all weekend at Cobor, so you can choose to stay in our guest houses. Reservations and information at:

You are welcome at Cobor!

Cobor Biodiversity Farm is one of the most beautiful ecotourism projects in Romania, a blend of high natural value pastures, biodiversity conservation, organic agriculture, an ideal destination for tourism and business and a wonderful place for horses and Transylvanian Grey cattle. Here, Foundation Conservation Carpathia laid the foundations of sustainable and organic agriculture over 500 ha of high natural value pastures.

This farm is a great example of how biodiversity conservation, traditional architecture and a profitable business can go hand in hand. This combination allows land use with very low impact and a focus on preserving and enhancing biodiversity. Several old dwellings have been restored and transformed into two cosy guesthouses, a seminar room and a traditional restaurant. Here, we offer our guests organic dishes, using local ingredients, produced by us or by neighbouring farmers.

An event organized by Cobor Biodiversity Farm and Nasul Roșu.