Land of horses

Where any horse would want to live

Cobor village, located in southern Transylvania, is hidden between meadows and pastures that are among the last areas of its kind in Europe, remaining ecologically intact.

In 2016 we opened our horse livery and rehabilitation centre in Cobor, where our boarding horses are allowed to roam freely over 20 ha of securely fenced grassland, amidst the beautiful Transylvanian hills – ideal conditions for young or retired horses, as well as for mares with foals.

Horse Rehabilitation

We take good care of your horse

The outer conditions for healing injuries are crucial for horses and whether a horse fully recovers or not depends to a large degree on these conditions. Our Rehabilitation Center offers ten 4x4 m boxes with the possibility to extend them into small paddocks of up to additional 4x6m. A round pen and a variety of smaller and larger pastures allows the healing and rehabilitation process to develop step by step. The horses are under regular observation by our specialised horse–keeper/trainer, and taken care of daily. Thee horses have access to grass and hay from our meadows in Cobor, which are rich in herbs and organic.

May - October 150 €/month
November - April 200 €/month
Ask for availability and custom services

Horse Accommodation

Fantastic conditions for young stock, for mares with foals, or for your beloved retired horse

Besides having access to a constant supply of fresh grass (high-quality hay and alfalfa in winter), horses also have the possibility to hide out in sun and weather shelters; they are provided daily grooming, additional concentrate feeding, and regular vet and farrier services.

Dedicated staff is ensuring that horses are well looked after and receive all the attention they need.

We have herds for stallions and geldings as well as mares with foals or young stock. They can roam in huge pens, totaling an area of over 20 hectares fenced. The horses graze a high-quality grass all year round and drink clean water coming from deep wells.

The shelters offer protection against sun, heat and flies in summer or cold in spring or autumn rains. Horses can either spend the winter stabled at night or they can stay out on the pasture if they are kept outside from autumn onward or if they are rugged.