Knowledge as a gift

Library for children in the village

The school bell rang for the children of Cobor too!

After they came in June with gifts for Children’s Day for the little ones from kindergarten, primary and secondary school, we were happy to receive another visit from the representatives of the multinational from Ghimbav, Brașov, who came with another set of gifts: stories, board games, encyclopaedias, textbooks, collections, activity books from different fields, poetry and prose – wonderful, perfect treasures, waiting to be discovered by both children and adults, in the newly arranged library at the school in Cobor.

We would like to thank the 20+ employees who donated or helped in organizing this activity and Mrs. Viorica, the primary school teacher, who will coordinate the loan of books.

“There are probably no happier days from childhood, than those spent reading an extraordinary book.” Marcel Proust