Flavours & Sounds of Transylvania at Cobor Biodversity Farm

Summer joy

On Sunday the 1st of August, the Cobor Biodiversity Farm hosted the Flavours & Sounds of Transylvania event, organized in partnership with My Transylvania Association. The event was an invitation to nature and local culture lovers to explore local cuisine, to discover high nature value meadows and the beauty of Cobor village. Guests from all over the country and abroad accepted this invitation and enjoyed a lovely day on the farm in the middle of summer. The sort of day that can soothe everybody, with the friendly animals on the farm, the summer flavours experienced through wonderful dishes cooked with the healthiest and the tastiest ingredients.

Our great cooks from Cobor prepared all kind of pies: with onion, with nettles, with spinach and, of course, lichiu, the old Transylvanian pie with cheese and cream, prepared according to a recipe from Cobor. Homemade noodle soup with chicken or Transylvanian Grey cattle goulash were among the delicious offerings for a fantastic day.

The folk ensemble ‘Junii Becleanului’ livened the atmosphere with traditional music and dances from the area. The day was completed with a visit to the farm, a visit to the village and the fortified church. Guests were able to admire the horses staying at our livery and our stunning Transylvanian Grey cattle, a breed of cow the likes of which you have not seen for decades in Transylvania.
The stories of the plants from the rich meadows with high natural value from Cobor were masterfully told during a floristic tour guided by the ecologist Mihaela Sava, and the most diligent of the guests wove cane baskets, under the guidance of a local craftsman.

Experience and taste a piece of nature

Cobor Biodiversity Farm is one of the most beautiful ecotourism projects in Romania, a blend of high natural value pastures, biodiversity conservation, organic agriculture, an ideal destination for tourism and business and a wonderful place for horses and Transylvanian Grey cattle. Here, Foundation Conservation Carpathia laid the foundations of sustainable and organic agriculture over 500 ha of high natural value pastures.

This farm is a great example of how biodiversity conservation, traditional architecture and a profitable business can go hand in hand. This combination allows land use with very low impact and a focus on preserving and enhancing biodiversity. Several old dwellings have been restored and transformed into two cosy guesthouses, a seminar room and a traditional restaurant. Here, we offer our guests organic dishes, using local ingredients, produced by us or by neighbouring farmers.