The farm

Discover the quietness and beauty of the Transylvanian rolling hills and secular oak forests

After resting in comfortable rooms, our guests can also spend their time actively choosing activities like guided farm tours, birdwatching and participating in seasonal farm activities. Trekking, bike trails, beaver dams, bird watching while hiking or from the hide, photo camps, wilderness camps, day trips, participation to farm activities, monthly events organised with the local community or just spending a few quiet days, Cobor is a great place to relax and recharge ones batteries.

Cobor is an ideal place for an active family holiday where you can learn about farm animals, vegetables from our organic garden, horses that are in our horse livery, slackline, archery, kite flying, horse cart rides or sleigh ride, visiting the surroundings, Cobor is a great place to spend time with your family. A cool cellar and barbeque are at the guest’s disposal and the facilities are equipped with Wi-Fi.


Explore the nature around Cobor

The Transylvanian hills offer some of the most important high natural value grasslands left in Europe. Cobor village is the perfect place for biodiversity conservation and grassland management. With its beech forests and rolling hills, fertile meadows, Cobor offers a great experience. The special birdlife of the area is amazing, you will have a good chance to see a great variety of bird species from our dedicated hide.

Wildlife around Cobor
Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus)
Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
Wolf (Canis lupus)
Bear (Ursus arctos)
Wildcat (Felis silvestris)
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Hungarian Grey Cattle

Back in Transylvania

At COBOR Biodiversity Farm we maintain traditional cattle grazing methods with this hardy cattle breed. The biodiversity of the area can only be conserved if traditional land management continues alongside cattle grazing – considered to be the most suitable way for sustaining grassland biodiversity.

Take a farm tour and admire our Grey cattle herd, a unique sight in the Transylvanian hills not to be missed!

Carpathian Shepherd Dog

The guardian of the livestock

COBOR Biodiversity Farm runs a breeding programme for the indigenous Carpathian Shepherd Dog. Many pups can be found throughout the year at the farm. They are bred and offered for free to sheep owners in the Făgăraș Mountains for protecting the herds, thus preventing losses caused by large carnivores among domestic animals.

Guided tours

On foot or in a horse cart

Enjoy the landscape and biodiversity around the village on foot or from a horse cart! The hills around Cobor, are ideal for easy hikes and horse cart rides, with great views of the surrounding mountains and settlements. Rolling hills with meadows and forests, with no fences or cars in sight offer quiet and peace, being the perfect place to slow down and relax. We employ local people and their horses, for the cart rides, so you can talk to them and hear their stories and emerge yourself even further into the village life. On the way, you can even stop for a picnic, wherever you find a nice spot. We adapt these activities to your level of fitness and your wishes and needs.

Horse cart ride and camping

Do you want to emerge yourself in the nature and the peace around Cobor even further? Get away from the village on foot, along the horse drawn carts, through the forests and meadows. In the evening we set up camp, make a big fire, cook and tell stories together. Surrounded by the horses and carts, far away from city lights and noise, we can look out into the night sky and observe the stars. Get up in the morning as the sun rises and listen to the birds waking up from their slumber. You can choose to continue for a few more days, hiking and camping on the hills. Prices: 300 €/night/cart, max. 4 pers./cart (includes cart, driver, horses, guide, tent, sleeping bag and mat, camp infrastructure – food costs not included, 20 €/pers./day)

Bike tours

Cobor is located in the heart of Transylvania, not far from many of the well known fortified saxon churches and bike trails. One day trips you can do on your bike from the village include Felmer, Șoarș, Bărcuț, Brădeni, Viscri and Făgăraș. Bring your own bike or rent one from Făgăraș and, upon request, we can provide a guide or GPS tracks.

Family time

Cobor is an ideal place for an active family holiday where you can learn about farm animals, vegetables from our organic garden and horses that are in our horse livery. Bike trails, beaver dams, birds watching, day trips, participation to farm activities, archery, visiting the surroundings, Cobor is a great place to spend your time with your family.

Botanical tours

The purpose of the Cobor farm is to protect and sustain the rich biodiversity and spontaneous flora of the meadows and forests. Hence, you can find a great diversity of flowers, shrubs and grass types not far from the village. Our specialised guide can show and explain to you the different plant species and the role they play in the eco-system. Whether you are a 10 year-old fascinated by daisies or a 40 year-old professor of botany, the hills around Cobor are a perfect place for you to explore and learn more. Reservations need to be made at least 5 days in advance. Price: 55 €/person - min. 3 persons.